Sunday, October 26, 2014

Slight delay due to fried parts, drop test update

I will be delayed in the development of the system on the code side due to the loss of my MPU-6050. The magic blue smoke of failure made a surprise appearance yesterday. I connected it to the 5V pin of the Arduino and suddenly wisps of smoke wafted past my screen as the power LED dimmed and powered off. I tested the temperature of the components and found the voltage regulator to be at fault. I did not over voltage it as it was rated to 5V. Likely the component was either faulty or it might have been a low quality wafer. The replacement components will be arriving in a few weeks (they have to get here from the opposite side of the planet) so until then I will be working on the physical structure of the drop test module for the test before the end of the year. Currently my objective is to secure a location from which to drop the unit from as so it can get up to the proper airspeed for the fins to come into play and control the fall of the unit. Initially I had called the local university as they have tall buildings which the town I live in does not (aside from the precinct which will not let me drop things off their roof). The administrator I talked to was extremely helpful and asked around as to wether or not I would be able to use their facilities. I was unable to use the facilities due to their insurance policies and the fact that the roof membranes are rather fragile, however he did give me several other places to ask which will hopefully allow me to test this system.

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