Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas break TechShop Day 1 update

Test fit
First day back at TechShop after 3 months away due to the start of school soaking up the vast majority of my time and preventing me from going into DC every day. After arriving I immediately set to work on the new integration cans as the early prototypes are about ready to be phased out. Halfway through modeling the alpha I realize that I would not be able to slot in the middle segment due to it having the fittings on both the top and bottom, preventing the middle section from being able to slide into place.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random Neopixel projects to pass time before Christmas break

Neopixel microscope detail
Sorry about the delays between posts, school has been picking up again and some other stuff keeps coming up. I am putting my stabilization system on the back burner at the moment because for it to progress I'm going to need access to 3D printers and Autodesk Inventor. I will be going to TechShop DC during Christmas break to continue work, if you're in the area stop by and say hello! (Contact me @ascii211 prior to stopping by). Currently I'm working on upgrading my little sister's cheap microscope to ditch the horrible dim and yellow incandescent bulb it shipped with.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Contest winners announced

Thank you for all 35 great names you have submitted, choosing from the available names has been very difficult. I have decided that I will choose 2 winners, each winner will receive one(1) Arduino Nano in their choice of FTDI or CH340G UART chipset. Shipment will be via eBay fulfillment and tracking numbers(if provided by seller) will be sent to your email/DM. I have also decided that the most relevant name deserves an award due to the contextual naming, Esven will be receiving some loot.
Winners are:
@indiealexh with "Isorropías" [ισορροπίας] (Greek translation is "Stability") 
@cineboxandrew with ASCII-1 (Ascent SCheme of Increased Insanity)
Honorable mentions:
@Esven_the_drake with "Dr. Wobbles: or how I learned to stop worrying and love control theory" and "Bang-Bang Controller" [Most relevant name award]
@ibuildrockets with "Steve (because there's not enough rockets called Steve)" and  "ARSE (Active Rocket Stabilization Experiment)" [Steve award]
@fgarciasit with "Not-Wiggly-Bit" and "Wiggly-Bit" [Most whimsical name award]
@J_vandie with SOLA (Stable One Legged Antelope) [Hilarious award]
Thanks for making this contest amazing, I will definitely be doing more in the future!