Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas break TechShop Day 1 update

Test fit
First day back at TechShop after 3 months away due to the start of school soaking up the vast majority of my time and preventing me from going into DC every day. After arriving I immediately set to work on the new integration cans as the early prototypes are about ready to be phased out. Halfway through modeling the alpha I realize that I would not be able to slot in the middle segment due to it having the fittings on both the top and bottom, preventing the middle section from being able to slide into place.
Revised it by making the lower segment be disconnected until bolted into place during assembly. After modifying the parts for correct diameter holes and clearances I test fit them using the Assembly function of Inventor. Tomorrow I will hopefully be printing out preliminary prototypes for physical fit testing. More updates will follow over the next few weeks as I will be at the 'Shop as much as possible.

Alpha Integration Can V2
Updated Integration Middle
Final Lower Integration can
Correct Integration Upper
Prototype Integration Upper
Nose cone

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