Friday, February 13, 2015

February rocket active stabilization system update

Stabilization system miniaturization
Due to school preventing me from spending days at TechShop to use their printers and CAD workstations (my school lacks a technical education program sadly and my computer is on OSX so I can't use Inventor on it until I figure out how to install windows on an external hard drive) I have not made much progress on the system as of late.
I have switched from an Ardino UNO to a much smaller Nano in addition to further shrinking the interface board to a standard protoboard size. This incorporates and miniaturizes the system as it does not require another power supply. Last time I was at TechShop I focused on alternate fin designs and printed a testfit prototype. The fin is designed after standard double wedge hypersonic fins used on supersonic missiles but tapered more towards the back. The print was clean except for a bit of roughness on the trailing edge that would be smoothed out in finishing.

New fin design

Edge-on view of new fin

Inclined edge-on view of fin

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