Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring break TechShop progress

Near-final fin with correct blending
Over this recent spring break, I'd decided to forgo the archetypal partying of the Senior year and continue work on my projects. My primary objective was to redesign the fin so it could be used with the round metal servo horns for easier integration and sturdier mounting. The main issue I was having was the splines not printing due to the low resolution of the printer which meant the servos are unable to properly engage with the fin.
Tracking down an engineering diagram of the servo horn was quite difficult, but was eventually found in the description of a listing on Alibaba (of all places. After a lot of fighting with Inventor, and around eight cups of coffee later I had ditched the glitchy lofting in favor of directing the faces to move, then chamfering and filleting it. Once the primary objective was complete, I went on to design nozzles (1/4 NPT compatible) for the thruster system (still in mostly conceptual stage), a desk ornament engine bell (which will be turned from steel once I get my lathe training), shims to protect the drywall when I run a USB cable through a wall so my youngest brother can use his Elgato capture card to record his gameplay were quickly designed and printed, and finally new plugs for the basketball hoop as requested from my younger brother which were the easiest of all. While working on this, I had decided to attempt livestreaming some of my workflow on Twitch, which was quite a learning experience
Circular servo horn
Side view of blended fin
Below view
Loft glitching
Another view of the glitching
Fin prior to blending
Rocket nozzle
1/8 NPT threaded RCS thruster nozzle
1/8 NPT threaded RCS thruster nozzle cutaway
Different nozzle design

Printed fin, prior to blending
Support material is messy as usual
Detail on printed fin
Cutaway nozzle (1.8 NPT)
Seriously tiny nozzle
This should work excellently
Shim to protect the drywall when running a USB cable through for capture card usage
Shims with USB cable run through
Printed replacement plugs
Plugs in use

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