Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hackaday DC event recap

Giving a talk to the packed room
As some of you might have seen, I recently attended the Hackaday DC event and gave a talk on the rocket stabilization system while there in addition to explanations and demonstrations to quite a few people that came by my table. Surprisingly, the Amazon AWS crew that was there took quite an interest in my project and gave advice on code upgrades for the stabilization system, namely dynamic control movement ranges dependent on velocity.
Not only did I get to meet the Hackaday crew of Mike, Brian and Sophi but also one of my all time favorite hackers Charles Lohr (CnLohr) who thought it would be awesome to solder his colorchord to my neopixel hat (spoiler; It was!). I'd like to say a big thank you to Hackaday for throwing this awesome party, hope to see you all in the area again soon, and NovaLabs for the awesome space that it was held in. I will be looking into usages of the new ARM dev kit from the freebies, so expect posts on that. Along with the other planned actions, I will call up the local airport(s) to inquire about runway usage for kinetic testing of the system in addition to inquiring about the University Of Maryland wind tunnel as one attendee pointed out as a viable option by playing the student research project card. Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I recently started college and have been kept quite busy juggling schoolwork and personal projects  on top of my freelance contract engineering  that I do on the side. The talk recording is at the bottom of the post, sorry about talking a mile a minute, bad habit of mine, enjoy!

NovaLabs is quite a nice place
CnLohr's ColorChord attached to my hat
One heck of a crowd
Ready to give my talk

Hackaday swag table

Just a small bit of the pizza that was available

Swag from the party, Omnibus is signed by the Hackaday staff

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